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Meet the Republic Raw Republic
By: Raw Republic December 15, 2017

We’re rounding up this year’s Meet the Republic series with the one who has been reporting to you throughout the year, daily on social media, weekly through The Raw Deets – your Raw Marketing Manager, Brooke R.!

Yes, this does mean that I am writing out to you all about myself right now, but I am happy to report that the actual interview was conducted by our Co-founder and my good friend, Jesse.

A little bit of backstory as to who I am and what I do in my day to day which will clarify some of the content that lies ahead of us… I was born and raised in North Miami Beach, FL where I became close with many of Raw Republic’s operating managers. After high school, I lived in New York for 8 years where I previously managed a similar plant-based grab & go type of restaurant in the West Village. During that time where I gathered much of my skillset that laid the foundation for this position I have with Raw, I also began my portrait photography business and my energy healing brand called May the Quartz Be with You. Jesse asked a bit about that part of my work & passion so after this, we’ll dive right in!

Thank you all for tuning in to our weekly newsletters and shares on The Raw Deets this year. I look forward to 2018 already because the only way is up! Always improving, tuning in to what our customer’s want more of, and serving up only the freshest content because that’s the way we like it 🙂

Do you think that humans as a species have gotten better through the generations or worse, and why?

“I think that it’s been a little bit of both quite honestly. I think that there has been amazing growth amongst our species when you consider our technological advances. I mean, considering how so much of my work revolves around my iDevices, I have to have gratitude for how well it functions!

I also think there are many things that could be said about our ancestors and their connection to the Earth. In the past, they were much more hands-on, whether it was the manner in which food was sourced, or how tightly knit a community truly was. I have great reverence for humans from past generations and wish that as a species we could remember more of that mindset where everyone sticks together in support of one another.

We have a lot of work to do as a collective and that’s why on a personal level I focus on the work that I do. Supporting a forward-thinking brand like Raw is truly a good move to make for our entire planet!”


Explain your brand May the Quartz Be with You and the passion behind it…

“May the Quartz Be with You was actually started while I was working at Organic Avenue in New York  City and had great exposure to the health & wellness industry.

On a personal level, I was also searching for more ways to support myself on my own healing journey. It wasn’t that I was sick with a particular physical ailment, but more focused on supporting my mental health and emotional wellbeing. In that search, I discovered my crystal healing mentor online, Hibiscus Moon, and then shortly after I found doTERRA. I had received my certification in crystal healing and then when I found doTERRA essential oils, I knew I had to dive into it head first. It knew from day one that it would provide a more practical method of healing for those that I know would have a harder time understanding the subtle energetics of crystal healing!

Everything blew me away in this area of healing, the more I got into it the more I felt a YES YES YES! This is what lead me towards starting my brand because I knew that this was my calling.

At the time, I was not only managing one of Organic Avenue’s stores but I was also already a portrait photographer which I recognized as my art, but my focus on energy healing is part of what will be my legacy. I want to be able to provide people everywhere a form of healing that is easy to access and helps them to feel empowered as it has for me these past 5 years!”

What made you fall in love with branding and marketing?

“I think as we grow more in alignment with technological advancements, it comes down to being adaptable.

I wanted to have my voice be heard when it came to these subjects I was passionate about and you can easily look around and see how there are literally Instafamous people left and right. I don’t personally need that kind of acclaim, but I do know that putting my focus into learning about digital marketing has been able to provide me the space I need for my work to flourish.

This has been easy for me as we’ve grown up in this digital age where many of us have seen the internet since it’s earliest beginnings! (Starting to feel old already just thinking about it lol!) It has really been a natural progression for me to fall in love with this field as I knew what it meant to show up daily and have consistency for brand reliability.”


Do you think the future will be better than the present?

“Hmm, I hope so! I hope so because right now where I am at, I know I am doing the work, and the more I travel I do find good everywhere I go, but there are also so many crazy things happening around the world and people who do not have good intentions.

To be honest, I do have fears of having a family of my own and raising children in this world that can be wild and dark, but I try to focus on what really matters most to me. I wake up every day and make choices that align with my heart and thankfully I surround myself with amazing communities and uplifting individuals so my thought is that there is hope. We just all have to collectively keep doing the work so that we can instill this good nature into our future generations.”

What are you most excited by for the near future in Raw Republic?

“I am most excited by all of the new things that we are rolling out because even though our brand is phenomenal as is, we are constantly evolving and transforming to align with our greater collective vision for Raw.

There are truly so many bits and pieces that go into creating a single product as it is shown to our customers, but we are doing what we can as quickly as possible!

I can’t wait for what’s to come in this new year because it is what our customers want, and what we’re asking for ourselves (I eat at Raw daily), so it’s going to be pretty bomb!”


Describe Raw Republic’s vision in your own words…

“When I think of Raw Republic and where we are going, I recognize how we serve our local community but I also see how we are aiming to thrive as a brand so that we can serve many people from many different communities – perhaps even globally. This kind of a brand is what people need more of stay healthy, live well, and in turn, that’s what makes the world go around!

People are hurting each other because they don’t have access to basic necessities, and I see how we can combat the vicious cycle by being able to offer nutritious options to the masses. I look forward to being a part of and supporting our growth for this very reason. It can be revolutionary!”

Coffee or tea?

“Coffee, but specifically our specialty coffee! Otherwise, I’d say tea for health benefits 😉 “

Running or cycling?

“Cycling (outdoors).”

Drawing or photographing?

“Ooh, good one, I’d have to say photography although I like both!”

Pitaya or acai?

“Pitaya – it’s so vibrant and beautiful.”

Sweet or salty?


Cooking or eating out?


Sun or snow?

“Sun! I’m a Miami Beach baby through and through!”

Bitcoin or Etherium?


Interview and images by Raw Republic’s Co-founder Jesse Gimelstein (first headshot by our Executive Chef Olga)

– Brooke gave them a crash course in manual mode on her Canon DSLR! 🙂