Meet the Republic – Herb

Meet the Republic Raw Republic
By: Brooke Rosenblum July 5, 2017

Herb, our former Head Chef of Raw Republic, is now moving into his new role as Operations Controller.

With over 2 years experience in our kitchen at Raw, he has certainly become an integral part to our well oiled machine! He is committed to the vision of our growing company, and applies himself fully to whatever the task at hand is.

Before I {Brooke} transitioned into my role as Marketing Director, I always enjoyed working alongside you at our North Miami Beach location. Herb, can you tell us a bit about your background before you were the Head Chef at Raw?

“I used to work with Whole Foods for over 12 years! I had started in prepared foods, then worked my way up to a role in management where I was also a buyer. Additionally, I have experience working within other kitchens, and 5-6 years in construction.”


Wow, 12 years at Whole Foods! I can see some common thread between the values of Raw Republic and Whole Foods… Would you say you have an interest in companies that have an ethical approach towards health & wellness?

“Absolutely! Good quality food is paramount!

When I heard of Raw Republic and the opportunity that was available, it was a no-brainer for me. I jumped on board and haven’t looked back! Good things are coming!

I couldn’t agree more! As Raw is growing, so are many of us within the company, and I am glad to present you to our Republic {community} as the Operations Controller for our new commissary. What are you looking forward to with the combination of your current role and our newest kitchen facility?

“Jesse’s (owner of Raw Republic) vision is what keeps me at Raw. Before I was along for the ride, now I am an integral part of it and Raw is definitely going places!

Although I’ve always been in the kitchen, I may not be as hands-on with my new role, but I will be controlling multiple stores – challenge accepted!”

Let’s say we finish this interview, you step outside the store and find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million. What would you do??

“Easy! I would start my own Raw Republic in Colorado, and build a house in the mountains nearby!

Everything else would definitely go to my 3 kids, Herb Jr – Grace Kelly – and Baby Star… I’m sure that the cost to put them all through college would take half of those earnings anyhow! lol”

From my previous knowledge of getting to know you while we worked at NMB together, I got to know that your favorite genre of music is undeniably metal. So tell me, what was the wildest live show you had ever seen?

“Zetafest! 94.1 rock station had an amazing multiple-stage setup in the early 2000’s. I was there all day, from 9 AM until sunset. Imagine 25 local bands plus bigger names such as System of A Down, POD, and Disturbed.

Each stage had roughly 9 acts, so it would rotate between sets seamlessly and I loved that full day of metal mania!”

Photos by Brooke Rosenblum Photography