Meet the Republic – Jade

Meet the Republic
By: Raw Republic March 29, 2018

I’m happy to introduce you all to Jade! She has been an amazing addition to our North Miami Beach location this year.

Her portraits should speak for themselves when I say that her energy and smile are infectious. Having time to sit down 1:1 with her was an absolute pleasure because she is so down to earth.

 After discovering she grew up locally in Miami and shares the same Alma Mater from Dr. Michael Krop Sr. High as myself, I asked, “Who was your favorite teacher and why?”

“Mrs. Hernandez! From the Anatomy & Physiology department. She was very empathetic, and always spoke to her students with respect. She would even give us real-life advice.

I just don’t like teachers that take advantage of their position and try to make you feel inferior to them because it doesn’t make you feel safe.”


What do you want to do now that you graduated last year in 2017?

“Right now I’m studying Psychology because I find that very interesting. One day I’d love to teach in elementary school.”

When you’re not here at Raw, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

“I love spending time with people. This past weekend I was just in Key West with some of my friends from South Carolina that came to visit! I love traveling but I wish it was free!

I also really like singing, but I don’t have a great ear or know how to read music.”


What band or artist would you recommend to somebody if they asked you?

“Oh, girl, that’s a hard one! Just one band?

Okay, just throw out a few then 😉

I love Corinne Bailey Rae, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sam Smith, and Amy Winehouse.”


What food have you not eaten yet but you’d really like to try?


What is the best way to explore human nature? Psychology, Biology, or Philosophy?

“Everyone thinks differently so I really find psychology interesting. It puts names to conditions that I may have realized but had not known was even a thing.

Biology and Philosophy have their place and someone should focus on what interests them more, in my case, that would definitely be psych for sure!”


Do you think that humans will ever be able to live together in harmony?

“No. When you look at the history of this world, history repeats itself. For as much good as there is in there world, there is still evil. I do think that it is important to not use that as an excuse because everyone is imperfect. Just because we may not be able to all live together in harmony, that doesn’t justify people doing bad things. We should be striving to live in harmony everywhere we are, and everywhere we go. You can’t allow other people’s differences to create divide or hate.”

Reggae or Jazz?


Library or museum?


Movie theatre or Netflix and chill?


Love or money?


Road trip through the USA or International travels?


Reading or writing?

“Ooh, I love both! I couldn’t live without writing though.”

Smoothie or smoothie bowl?

“Smoothie bowl.”

Fruit or Vegetables?


Interview and images by Raw Republic’s Branding Guru, Brooke Rosenblum