Meet the Republic – Jesse

Meet the Republic Raw Republic
By: Brooke Rosenblum August 30, 2017

Jesse Gimelstein is not only one of the founders of Raw Republic, but an old friend of mine who I am honored to work beside! We grew up together in North Miami Beach, and both found ourselves decades later working within the same field of health & wellness. To witness his growth as an entrepreneur has been extremely inspiring, and I look forward to seeing where this collective vision takes us!


As one of Jesse’s employee’s, I can say first-hand how impressed I am with his ability to navigate and respond to all of the obstacles that can come his way as the captain of this Raw ship. In this interview, I wanted to highlight his wisdom on the subject of success and leadership; who could be more suitable to tackle such inquiry than my boss? 🙂

What’s the story with Raw Republic? Tell us about why you started this company we all know and love!

“I wanted to make an impact and transform this community.

I grew up in Aventura and knew there were really no healthy places to eat. My family recognized this gap, and saw it as reason enough to open something unique right in our backyard!”


How do you define success, and how do you measure up to your own definition?

“I’ll let you know when I feel successful! 

I feel like you can be successful on a microscopic and also on a macroscopic level, so success can mean that I fixed the refrigerator and success also means opening new stores. Thankfully I am also successful when it comes to money!”


I see how you’re showing up everyday and pushing yourself to grow. You’re feeling that wave of success coming to you in little ways everyday, and that’s what is propelling you forward – there is a goal you’re definitely working towards!

What are the top three qualities that you need to be successful in your position?

“Patience, communication, and trust.”


What is the long term vision that you have for Raw?

“Major world-takeover. I’d love to see 500 – 1000 stores! I don’t want there to be so many that Raw would compete with itself, but enough that we can have a wide reach, and have opportunity to strategize new avenues of expansion.”


How would you sell hot cocoa in South Florida? (Ice to the eskimo style!)

“Iced hot cocoa with raw cacao, dates, coconut sugar, rice whip, and a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt.”


Yum! When can I try some? 😀

Interview and images by Raw Republic’s Marketing Manager, Brooke Rosenblum