Meet the Republic – Joseph

Meet the Republic
By: Brooke Rosenblum May 18, 2017

Joseph, better known by his peers as “Shmu”, has been with the Raw family since the beginning.

A few members of the Republic have had the great pleasure of growing up in South Florida together, Shmu and one of Raw’s founders, Jesse, being a couple of them!

Something positive had certainly translated throughout all those years of friendship because Raw Republic is taking off and taking over! With two stores in South Florida and a third expansion opening soon in Mexico City, this team recognizes that the sky is the limit.

Joseph is at there at the core of this Republic, he is a lighthouse and truly a fearless leader for our thriving company.



What would you say you are most recognized for?

I am for sure known for my big positive energy! I am loud and I keep it live!


Where does all this energy come from? What keeps you motivated?

I am grateful for where I am at, that never ends. There are truly so many people out there who have it way harder than us; I used to be miserable working two jobs.

When I am here working at Raw I am most comfortable because I know that I don’t have to sacrifice my bigger dreams just to be here. The greater vision for Raw only supports my goals as well!

Tell me about your last job, other than money, what would have inspired you to keep working there?

One of my previous employers, Mi Vida (closed), had a great concept.
It was a brand I enjoyed representing because everything was 100% vegan and made from scratch.

How do we instill this throughout our company culture?

The products we make here are equally all from scratch, and of the highest quality.

We can only guarantee what we make!

Any advice for your previous boss? 

I would say that you are the most important part of the team and your focus should influence everyone on how you want them to act, bottom line.

You should be the one doing the work, getting your hands dirty so to speak, and show how it’s done.

What’s your favorite 90’s jam?

Usher – Let it Burn

Photos by Brooke Rosenblum Photography