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Meet the Republic Raw Republic Fitness
By: Raw Republic February 22, 2017
Born and raised in Miami Beach, this native knows a thing or two about living a healthy life while having fun under the sun.
If you don’t meet her out & about while she is hosting our next local event, you are most likely to find her playing sports, or training at the gym! She currently plays collegiate level soccer at St. Thomas University.
Although Kylie may not be a doctor, she knew she wanted to find a way to inspire others to put wellness at the forefront of their priorities. Raw Republic has provided her the platform to share her passion for leading a healthy lifestyle.
Below we will share a few quotes so you can learn more about our shining wellness advocate!
Who is your hero, and why? 
“My Grandmother. She always said I could do anything better than the boys could do it! She also was committed to playing several different kinds of sports, and was always my greatest inspiration.”
If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be? 
“In Guatemala on a Blue Mission trip!”

What is an important part of your big vision for the future?
“I would be glad to figure out a way for kids to be back outside more often, off of their devices, and to not be so distracted! I would love to encourage children to revive the discovery of their youth so that they do not feel bored easily, have trouble cultivating meaningful friendships, or forget about the value of respect for their elders.

Photos by Brooke Rosenblum Photography