Meet the Republic – Matt

Meet the Republic
By: Brooke Rosenblum October 11, 2017

It is truly my greatest joy to spotlight North Miami Beach’s General Manager, Matt. Matthew is another core member of The Republic who grew up with the majority of our managment team, which also makes him one of my personal best friends for life.

When I personally began working at Raw last year, I stepped into an assistant managment role with Matt as my superior. It was honestly impressive to see how efficiently he could communicate with me and his team when it came to the in’s and out’s of day to day business tasks. Anyone that works on Matt’s team has the opportunity to also watch & learn genuine connection between staff to customer. It is his inherent gift by nature, but something that can be passed down and truly, we need more patient, easy going, and knowledgeable managers out there in the world!

He undeniably thrives in his role because he is sincere, compassionate, and all the while very focused and driven towards the same goal we share as a team – for Raw Republic to thrive and continue growing!

I know that you got started with Raw quite a while ago, would you mind tracing back to the beginning and how you got started?

“I was working another job when I heard that my friend [Jesse] opened a store. I thought, hey, why not come by, help, be a supportive customer/friend.

When the juicers at raw would work throughout the evenings until the early mornings, I would sometimes come to assist with bottling. After a couple months of this Shmu asked me “Why are you working for somebody else when you could work with your friends?!” Raw was growing rapidly at that point so I decided to hop on board. Just like brothers would, at times Shmu and I bumped heads, but I learned a lot during that time before transitioning into the role of his AM, then eventually into the GM of my own store.”

What do you love about being in your managment role?

“I still have to answer to people, but I love being my own boss in a way. I enjoy training my staff and know all the recipes very well.”

On the flip side of that, managment roles always present us with a unique set of challenges. I wonder, what nuggets of wisdom have you picked up along the way that have developed into becoming crucial business or life skills?

“Being receptive and not closed-minded because there is always another way to do something. Even if there is a strict recipe for success that you follow, there can be a variation to that.”

If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

“Why do humans exist in the way that we do?”

What do we do now as humans that will be looked at as totally primitive and backwards 100 years from now?

“Eating animals.”

If coffee was illegal, what would its street name be?

“Black magic!”

Football or Basketball?


Cake or Pie?

“Ooh, both! Okay, Cake.”

What’s worse, laundry or dishes?


Passenger or driver?

“Driver, always.”

Iced coffee or hot?



Pretend you are our CEO, what three concerns about Raw’s future would keep you up at night?

“How can I get more customers? How can I make sure our customers love our products and how can I get those fans to spread the word?

I know our stuff is good, I eat it everyday.”

I know! I agree, it’s the best.


“Alright, cake or pie?”

For me? I would only say cake because I don’t actually like cake, but I love frosting.

“That was my determining factor also!”

Interview and images by Raw Republic’s Marketing Manager, Brooke Rosenblum