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By: Raw Republic April 4, 2018

Hello Raw Republic Family! My name is Marie (The Mother Manifestor) and I am the creator of the MoMa Mindful Movement Method and officer of The Movers & Makers Charity. Although the MoMa Movement focuses on the mental health and education of our young adults, their physical and nutritional health definitely come hand in hand! Being the mother of a three year old boy, I am well aware of how imperative it is for children to make healthy choices when it comes to food.

Put simply, what we consume greatly affects the structure and function of our brain, our energy levels, and even our mood. Not to sound like a complete plug, but this is why I love Raw Republic’s options! For my son specifically, it is a challenge at times to get him to eat ANYTHING AT ALL let alone healthy options. Let’s be honest, kids are picky and MoMas have to pick their battles. It’s so tempting at times to just give them whatever they are screaming for, but every MoMa knows, once we do that we create a downward spiral. With options like the Sunshine juice, Mylk Chocolate, #MajorKey Pudding, and all of their bowls, I am able to provide my son with so many nutrients that I would never normally be able to make him eat separately on a plate.

If your child is on high alert at night or incredibly tired after a meal, it usually means that their bodies are not happy with what they ate. Heavy or greasy foods keep children up late at night because they take longer periods of time to digest. Overconsumption of fats (found most often in fried foods and highly-processed baked goods) can compromise brain health. There is said to be an association between improved mood and foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, tryptophan, folate and other B vitamins. Eating fruits, vegetables, omega-3-rich foods, protein, and complex carbohydrates and drinking enough water could help make a positive difference in mood and well-being.

The MoMa Mindful Movement Method was created to help children find what makes them happy, promoting that everything starts from the inside out. The MoMa Method are classes designed to help children create their own happiness through dance, music, exercise, companionship, art, and meditation. Every class will teach children about positivity, optimism, self- love, and compassion for others. Each session will close with meditation exercises designed to give children the tools needed to take themselves out of any negative situation and into a state of peace and happiness.

The Movers & Makers Non-Profit that I am a part of was created to raise funds in order to provide financial assistance to families struggling to help their children with learning disabilities, processing disorders, and delays. There are so many studies out there that confirm that what we eat directly effects our brain functioning. Children with certain delays and disorders are cautioned to stay away from types of foods. What we consume can greatly affect not only our physical bodies but also our mental health. Hippocrates stated, “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” There’s a direct relationship between what you eat and your physical health and there’s a direct line to your mental and emotional health as well.

I am so grateful (and I’m sure so many other MoMas are as well) for the healthy food options that Raw Republic has to offer. Not only healthy, but they’re so delicious, I find myself stealing a bite or two (or five) from my son’s bowl. He honestly thinks that their drinks and bowls are treats and has no idea how healthy these options are for him!

You may have seen Marie in the stadium, on the Megaformer, mat, or teaching HIIT at some point during your fitness journey. Marie has been an active part of the Miami fitness world since 2012 and currently teaches at Flywheel Sports (Wheel and Barre) and Jetset Miami (Megaformer and Heated Mat Pilates). She is also the MoMa to one incredible 3 year old boy who has been the inspiration for all of her current endeavors.

More recently, she has created The Mother Manifestor Blog, The Healer Shoppe, MTQBWY x MoMa Essential Oils for children and MoMas, a clothing line, The MoMa Mindful Movement Method, and is an officer of The Movers & Makers Children’s Charity.

This once nurse has been able to create and live a life she loves and gives complete credit to alignment with the Universe and the power of manifesting.

“There is NOTHING you cannot be, do, or have!”

Be The Light,


The Mother Manifestor

Creator of MoMa Children’s Mindful Movement Method

Officer Movers & Makers Non-Profit


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