New Year, New You. How Committed Are You?

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By: Brooke R. and Olga G. January 17, 2017

We must ask ourselves this question, “What am I committed to?” Answer truthfully. Are you really committed to your newly-set goals? Or is it your old habits? It is often the case that we set New Year’s resolutions with such enthusiasm, and only several days later, we crush them. Some people realize the end of the day choices they have made cause them to fall back on their worn-out, perpetual habits, rather than motivate further cultivation of… newly developing ones.

What is this type of magnetism which pulls us back to making the same choices over and over again? Could it be that we receive instant gratification, or a sense of comfort through familiarity? Although it may be tempting to revert to old habits that are no longer in alignment with our new goals, we must consider the costs when we stray. What are the physical, emotional, and spiritual ramifications?

Have you wondered what can be done differently in order to succeed and see these goals through to the finish line? Are you ready to give this up in exchange for vibrant health and attitude, thriving esteem and general appreciation?

Below we will detail our tried and true recipe for success:

Intention setting – Remember why you set these new goals in place! Instead of writing down goals as a means to an end, dig a little deeper and ask yourself, how do I really want to feel? Clearly identify and breakdown the many facets which make-up your life, then declare the feeling you desire to experience within that category.

(Examples of category breakdown: Relationships – romantic/children/friends/family/community, career/finances, fitness/health, creativity/hobbies, spirituality/personal development, philanthropy…)

Recommended resources: Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map + Mindnode app

Schedule your success – Create the time versus waiting for that “right time”! Utilize a physical planner or app to create a plan you can follow up with. First, get a bird’s eye view of your year by noting any major holidays/vacations/important events. Afterwards, consider your goals and build towards them with actionable steps within your month, weeks, and days. Micro-movements make every goal much more attainable, gradually building upon each step and allowing yourself to relish in each triumph. Refer to your set intentions and use them as inspiration when deciding what your top priorities are for each day.

Celebrate your accomplishments – Give yourself a pat on the back each evening by reflecting on what you were able to accomplish that day. On a weekly basis, we recommend planning out your micro-movements to nourish each category and not leave anything on the back-burner.

Check-in’s – Be honest with yourself. What worked for you the last time that helped you achieve your goals, and what challenges set you back? What can you do differently next time around, and how can you implement it better? Looking at life’s challenges inquisitively will give you the confidence you need to create a better plan for the future without having to beat yourself up. If you fall off the horse, get back up!

Education – Dedicate a time in your day to read, watch, or listen to inspirational and educational material that will support you on your path. Finding quality mentors, coaches, or teachers who relate to our journey will inspire us and help us stick to our goals .

Healthy habits – Make your health a priority! Regular exercise, stretching/yoga, eating more plant-based foods, drinking plenty of water/cold-pressed juices, and spending time in nature will improve mood, mental clarity, and concentration. Moreover, other benefits would include restful sleep, increased libido and energy levels. Taking care of our health boosts our self-esteem, enhances our overall health, and prevents chronic disease and depression.

Support – Having a reliable accountability partner, participating in group challenges, and connecting with like-minded people is a major key to staying on your A-game. When you feel like biting into that one greasy chicken wing, this is when you can phone your accountability partner. However, when the challenge is too great, and you’re about to dive into the entire bucket, that’s when the support from a larger community keeps us in check.

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