Our Vision

We really saw a void in the market place down in South Florida for healthy options when we were launching Raw Republic. Our vision was to create a convenient place where people on the run could eat healthy, feel healthy, and leave healthy all based around family culture and education. Raw Republic started with cold-pressed juices, acai bowls, and superfood smoothies as the main stream items on the menu knowing that cold pressed juices are factually great sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are a convenient way for consumers to quickly get all of these healthy ingredients in one sitting…and that was always our goal. Our fast growth has allowed us to expand into other options such as vegan food selections from chickpea tuna salad sandwiches, quinoa wraps, raw peanut butter cups, and much more. (You’ll have to come to see!)

The number one thing we wanted to keep intact as we envisioned us opening more stores was culture. When people walk into Raw Republic, we want them to feel like family. It’s very important to us to train our staff so that they remember our guests, as community is one of our core values. So when guests come in they experience that “neighborhood” feel. No matter how big we get, or how much we expand in the future, they still have that sense of local pride knowing that they can come here, sit down, and have a conversation. Or for guests on the run, they can grab something they trust is real and head on their way.


At first, “raw” juice emerged as a trendy obsession…. now it has turned into a lifestyle! So much so, that we are continuing to open more locations. We began focusing on expanding in South Florida already signing two more locations (making that 4)…

Without the help and leadership of Joseph Schmuly, a dear friend of the Gimelstein’s growing up, and currently General Manager/Partner of Raw Republic.. none of this could have been possible. His background and expertise in the F&B industry can all be attributed to Raw Republic’s rapid growth.

…then something even more amazing happened.

Due to the quality of our product, the culture of our brand, and with the early success of Raw Republic…we were able to attract and bring aboard an incredible Partner, Jessica Nasser and her family. They have not only added tremendous value in our expansion in South Florida, but we are proud to say that Raw Republic is going international and has begun opening up stores in Mexico City, where the Nassers are from! Jessica (a nutritionist by trade and now raw food chef/blogger) recognized that there was a tremendous void in the marketplace in Mexico City for a healthy, grab and go option like Raw Republic and wanted to bring Raw to her home town!

As a company, we could not have aligned ourselves with a better team to continue to build the brand and grow Raw Republic!

So….stay tuned! A lot more to come!