Raw Bowls Are the Best Bowls

Raw Republic Nutrition Vegan
By: Brooke R. and Olga G. August 8, 2017

Next time you crave a pint of ice cream, or an artificially flavored popsicle, whip up an all-natural smoothie bowl instead!

Smoothie bowls are increasingly gaining their popularity as a healthy alternative to ice cream or frozen yogurt alike. Smoothie bowls are cold, creamy (without having to contain any dairy), and thick enough to scoop with a spoon. An epic bowl will optimize on the essential nutrients without sacrificing the satisfying experience of eating a sweet and cool snack.

Similar to an ice cream parlor, you can adorn your smoothie bowl with toppings. Top your bowl with fresh fruit, nuts, nut-butter, granola, and superfoods. As for the base, your #acaibowlgoals can begin with a mix of fresh & frozen fruits, berries, nut milk, protein powders, and superfoods.

Depending on your mood, you can customize your Raw Republic smoothie bowl to your liking! Whether that means more of a fruit sorbet style or more of a protein packed bowl with tons of almonds and peanut butter, we’ve got you covered!

Raw bowls are the BEST bowls because we do not add any refined sugars + each bowl is handcrafted and made to order within a super clean environment. Imagine that anytime you are in the mood, in about 5 minutes you could walk out our door with a slice of PEARadise 🙂

Let our ecstatic customers tell you what they think about Raw Republic smoothie bowls:

“Next time you’re in the area, make the trek to Raw Republic!! Their açai and pitaya bowls are my everything!”

– Terner P.


“BEST ACAI BOWLS IN TOWN! I have looked around town for many Acai Bowls in the neighborhood, just to confirm that Raw Republic makes the best! They have great recommendations and have delicious smoothies, acai bowls, and food! The staff are absolutely lovely and everything is made fresh. This is the best acai bowl you will find!”
– Brittany B.


“The real OG’s of the SoFl açai game!”

-Richard B